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Jay Squared’s Tale of the Tape

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girl, children of all ages! Wwepaperchampion proudly brings to youuuuuu… Me!

Welcome everybody, this blog is for myself and my friend “Heel” to give our input on various wrestling topics. Heel will admittedly have more posts than I will, but I will contribute.

The thing about Heel and my wrestling knowledge and opinions is that you will get all aspects of the spectrum of opinions. Heel obviously prefers the “heel” characters, where as I prefer the “face” (or good guy) characters. Heels hayday of wrestling glory was the late 80’s early 90’s. Mine was smack dab in the middle of the beer smashing, casket match having, Smackdown Hotel ranting Attitude Era!

Like Heel, I used to watch wrestling like it was a religion. The characters, the stories, the violence. Everything about it appealed to me back in the day. I loved everything about wrestling, even experimented with some backyard wrestling (which I’ll talk about more in the future). I have just recently started to watch wrestling again, and have missed most of the “PG Era”. Honestly I couldn’t imagine wrestling being “PG”, but then again my favorite wrestler growing up was “Mankind” so my opinion there is probably skewed a bit.

My contributions to this blog are not going to be the same as Heels. I will be doing various lists based on my or both of our opinions (i.e. Top 10 entrance songs).  And  as long as Im able to watch (real life comes first) I plan on doing recaps or live updates about PPV events (haven’t decided which yet). Random sentimental posts, and current storyline thoughts as well.

Im not the best writer in the world, but neither is Mick Foley and that man wrote a best seller!

Thanks for reading, feel free to subscribe and comment and leave feedback!


PerfectHeel’s Tale of the Tape

WARNING: This blog is written with the understanding that it’s readers are somewhat seasoned wrestling viewers and therefore I will not spend a lot of time explaining more basic wrestling knowledge, kayfabe storylines, or concepts. However, i love to answer questions and hear feedback, so please, post away.

Right now, all I seem to be doing is watching wrestling. When i was younger (and I mean way younger. 23 months old to be exact) I started watching wrestling with my uncle. I was instantly addicted. The violence, the drama, the characters, the attitude, I fucking loved it. However as I got older, the story lines kept getting more and more absurd, and the product on TV no longer was about two guys beating each other up as it was how much smut can we get away with and how watered down can we make the product while people still pay full price. Now, I was a kid when I loved it and I’ll never deny the fact that really, wrestling is pretty much kids entertainment and that is who it’s true audience is and should be. However, the fact that I’m back into it now tells me that i didn’t just “outgrow” a hobby of mine, but the hobby itself changed and i just refused to lower myself to it. People my age and older who watch it should be aware of what they are watching and enjoy wrestling for what it is; a fun, violent soap opera with incredible athletes who occasionally do really insane stunts that make you say “wow”.

I’m writing this blog not so much as a play-by-play recap of events that happen, but moreso as a commentary on things that I see going on in the WWE and I’ll probably reminisce about the “golden years” of the WWE/F (1988-1993)